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Removal of Dings, Dents, Minor Collisions, Hail Damage, Detailing & Cosmetic Auto Body including Bumper Repair. It is important to know what to expect with Paintless Dent Removal work. The procedure will appear quite simple. A few specialty designed tools and a lighting system. Then re-sculpt the metal to its original shaped surface by applying pressure from beneath the surface and polishing it off. Each dent is like a combination lock. If done correctly you will not experience cracks in paint or rough pokes left over. The results should appear smooth at 95-99% perfect. Only expert techs can solve 99% of the dents they encounter. Call our experts at PA. Dent Repair for youe Dent Repair needs in Bucks county, Montgomery County & Philadelphia today!

Environmentally safe. Paintless Dent Repair work is 100% environmentally friendly, unlike the chemicals used in the body shop. Some of those chemicals are fatal if handled improperly. We encourage everyone to support a healthier approach to maintenance. Make the effort to try PDR work first. There is no charge for trying.

Paint and Finish. With our Paintless Car Repairs, we do not cause any change to your original factory finish. We use only the best quality rubbing compound or wax to ensure optimum gloss and durability when our task is complete. PDR work does not cause any change in paint integrity. Professional Detailing with the option of Clear Coat Correction is also available.

Cost Guide for Pa. Dent Repair to Perform Service
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Approximately $100 - $300 for most service calls 

**Restriction and exceptions may apply. Some factors used; number of dents, severity of dents, location of dents, flexibility in scheduling, travel distance,  time to complete task

Paintless Car Repair Services

hail damage repair
hail damage repair
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