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We are a small private business that has sprouted up from beneath the concrete foundation of the automotive industry. We have been in business since 2005 and have become one of themost sought after PDR companies in our area.
Our primary goal has always been to maintain and restore the investment in your vehicle without the need to reduce it's natural value. Most people are led to believe a body shop job is the "best" option. When in fact after the repair is done, not only have you spent several hundreds or thousands of dollars, but the value of your vehicle has dropped another several hundred or thousands of dollars. 

The PDR industry provides you with a funnel into the body restoration of vehicles. If PDR can't fix it then the body shop becomes the next step. We strongly recommend anyone considering having the dents repaired or even minor collision work to remember that body shops use a chemical compound known as body filler or putty. It is bad for the environment and if mixed improperly or used too thick the filler will sometimes crack right beneath the new paint. There is another risk to consider. What will happen if the new paint has drips or tiny specs of dirt or air bubbles, and what will you do if the color or texture doesn't match. Repainted clear coat has also been known to peel away within months of being repainted. Cars don't like to be repainted.

The point is... PDR work is discrete and no one will ever know it was done. The original factory paint is not disturbed and it only cost you a small fraction of what the body shop would perfer to charge you. This is a smart method of maintaining your investment. Of course, sometimes a body shop is the only option, but when it comes to simple dings and dents, minor collisions AND EVEN HAIL DAMAGE! Pa. Dent Repair should be your first stop.


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* Pa. Dent Repair, LLC has partnered with AAA auto club and we now offer a special discount up to 15% off for all AAA members. Just show your card the time of service, it's that simple.

Because of the wide variety of dents, locations and types of metal on the car, the above cost may be different.